Wednesday, October 7, 2009



looking for answers nobody hears,
listening for questions nobody sees,
waiting for a silent frenzy,
watching blindness as it blows through my room,
eating meringues that fall like a stone,
pistachio ice cream on snow covered peak,
flying on a carpet by my front door,
juggling turnips as I stand by the pool,
wrestling teddy bears down on the beach,
staring through mountains of jelly,
as the paper ducks fly north by north-west,
shooting to the moon in my rocking chair,
singing the blues in an empty pot,
watering the plants in a bright orange jacket,
showering with petals of fur,
throwing a Frisbee in outer space,

these are some of the things that I like...

and drenched by the sun, or dried by the rain,
I like to put my shoes on my head...

can anybody tell me what they like to do ?

Patrick D Thomas
23rd September 2009

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